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Why Is Herbal Face Wash Important in Our Daily Routine

Why Is Herbal Face Wash Important in Our Daily Routine

As you may have heard, ‘Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up’. We couldn’t agree more. Quick fixes are nothing but temporary solutions. They do a splendid job of covering up the flaws of your skin, by providing swift relief and repair. Chemical laden skincare products are just that. They are nothing but Band-Aids covering a gaping hole. It may hide your skin’s flaws and give you that glamorous moment or two, but it doesn’t repair your skin from within. Whereas herbal skincare products may take a tad bit longer to work but they target the deep seated problems in your skin, giving you that desired blemish free and glowing skin you very much deserve.

Cleansing your face, to get rid of any traces of pollutants, make up residue, grime, oil build up, dust etc. is the first and by far the most important step in any skincare routine. If that first step in skincare falters, the other products you apply, basically don’t stand a chance. If the dead surface cells are clogging up your pores, how are your skincare products supposed to penetrate and do their job? So why don’t we delve into why one must opt for herbal face wash instead of a chemical based one.

Herbal face wash vs chemical based face wash

The whole debate on whether skincare products with natural ingredients or chemical based, which is the wiser choice, has to be the most loop sided debacle if truth be told. Competing with natural herbal treasures gifted to us by Mother Nature, is undoubtedly a match you loose, before you even begin. A face wash along with being a good cleanser, also needs to be gentle enough as to not strip your skin of it’s natural healthy oils. When you use a herbal face wash with natural fruit, seed and plant extracts and oils, you can rest assured your skin is getting nourished and taken care of while leaving it refreshed, cleansed and protected. On the other side, face washes which are saturated with harsh chemicals, not only cleanse your skin and break your skin barrier, they also leave your skin bare and vulnerable to external environmental stressors, causing skin irritation, rashes and allergies. Let us help you know some great natural ingredients which are exceptional for your skin.

• Strawberry

Apart from being an extremely yummy and healthy snack, strawberries are a powerhouse of an ingredient which has tons of skin benefiting properties. Strawberries are anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory in nature. They help in calming angry, bruised and sun burnt skin and it also helps in protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Using a Jovees Strawberry face wash with natural strawberry extracts not only helps in washing away the excess oil, grime and impurities, it also helps in cleansing the layer of dead surface cells from your skin, giving it a clean, even and nourished look.

• Papaya

We all know about the numerous health benefits a humble Papaya can boast off. But did you know papaya is also extremely advantageous for our skin? Papain, an enzyme present in papaya, plays a crucial role in repairing and transforming our skin. It not only helps in exfoliating all the dead surface cells from our skin, it also has effective pigmentation lightening properties. It helps reduce your blemishes giving you a more even toned, fairer and radiant looking skin. Jovees Papaya face wash is

made using natural papaya enzymes that helps cleanse your face of all its impurities and dead skin cells. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, scars and acne marks giving you a flawless looking glow.

• Neem

Neem is an excellent and highly effective ingredient which is a must to include, in your daily skin care practice. Known for its potent anti-bacterial qualities, Neem is the holy grail, when it comes to dealing with any and all skin care issues. Known for protecting our skin from external environmental factors, Neem is also highly efficient in getting rid of stubborn and long term acne problems. Jovees Neem face wash is made using natural Neem Extract, which helps in mitigating pimples and pimple marks, rinsing away all the impurities and exfoliating the dead cells through it’s myriad of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

• Tea Tree

You must have heard about Tea Tree face wash a lot in the recent past. Initially a fad, this modest plant has proved its might, due to it’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Tea tree extract is a great ingredient when used as a natural facial cleanser. It helps calm irritated and aggravated skin problems such as swelling, rashes and itching. Jovees Tea Tree face wash is made with natural Tea Tree Extract, it not only helps in getting rid of all the excess sebum produced by your skin, it also keeps our pores unclogged, giving you a beautiful grease-free look.

• Lemon

Who doesn’t love a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon on top of your lentils, salads, soups or in a glass of water. Lemon adds that extra zing to everything. It’s exactly the same in skincare. Lemon is known for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities. It helps in warding of skin bacterial infections. Lemon acts as a strong exfoliator, it unclogs the grime filled pores leaving your skin refreshed, energized and even

toned. Jovees Lemon face wash is made with the goodness of natural lemon peel extract, it prevents signs of premature skin ageing, leaving your skin looking younger, clearer and smoother.

• Grape

Did you know the tiny, sweet and sour, bite sized grapes and loaded with powerful antioxidants? This treasure from nature may not be a very common skin care product, but grapes help boosting the elastin and collagen production of our skin, helping it stay firm and healthy. It helps fighting the onset of fine lines, keeping our skin looking supple and younger. Grapes are a great source of vitamin E, they reduce the appearance of blemishes, sun spots and pigmentation leaving your skin brighter than before. Jovees Grape face wash is made using Grape Seed Extract, which not only helps cleanse your skin, it also improves your complexion and texture.

At Jovees herbals, we have kept our values firmly rooted and unshakeable. We treasure the multiple gifts given to us by nature, and we bring to you, a world of natural goodness in the form of these unique herbal face wash to suit all your skin needs.

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