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Tea Tree Face Wash – Benefits and Uses for Acne Free Skin

Tea Tree Face Wash – Benefits and Uses for Acne Free Skin

Australia, also known as the ‘down under’ is the home to the amazing Tea Tree. This extremely potent and amazing tree grows along the swampy coast line of east Australia. Belonging to the Myrtaceae family, the tea tree is also commonly referred to as the Australian myrtle and the Victorian Tea Tree. Initially grown for ornamental purposes, Tea Tree is beautiful looking shrub, which also has multiple trunks with a varied height range that is between 2-5 metres. With a papery textured trunk, and it’s blueish green leaves, this scrub emits out a beautiful camphor like fragrance.

Initially known as Melaleuca, this tree was renamed with the name of ‘Tea Tree’ by Captain James Cook, on his maiden voyage to the Oz. Sailors used various leaves during their journeys to steep tea for themselves, during which they came across Melaleuca. Because of it’s brilliant taste, this tree was christened to Tea Tree.

The indigenous folk of Australia have used the Tea Tree for time immemorial, for structural, medicinal, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. The leaves of Tea Tree are used to cure multiple ailments, ranging from cough, sore throat and cold along with various skin infections. The production of Tea Tree for it’s

commercial value started around the 1920s. The Tea Tree Extract is known to have powerful anti inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities. Making it a must have in your skincare arsenal. Let’s help you know the various benefits of using Tea Tree for your skin.

• Soothes Inflammation

People who have a sensitive skin type often refrain from trying new skin care products (sometimes better even); for the fear of irritated and aggravated skin. Tea tree extract has potent anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce itching, redness, rashes and swelling. It helps to relieve and calm your skin down.

• Reduces Acne

Having acne on your skin can be quite a scarring experience, literally and figuratively. People suffering from repeated acne issues are wary of trying new skin care products as acne is persistent and very unpredictable in nature. Just when you think you have cracked your skin care routine, they make a grand entrance. Curbing the over secretion of sebum is key to controlling your acne. Using a Tea Tree face wash, helps in treating and reducing acne because of it’s anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. Apart from reducing acne, it is also known to lighten dark spots and pigmentation from your skin, making your skin look even, clear and scar free.

• Treats Eczema and Psoriasis

Tea Tree Extract is a miraculous plant that is power packed with exceptional medicinal properties. Using Tea Tree oil helps soothe dry, inflamed and irritated skin. With benefits far exceeding other medicinal creams, tea tree extract is a boon for people suffering from troubling skin issues like Eczema and Psoriasis.

• Heals cuts and wounds

Containing effective and powerful anti bacterial properties, Tea Tree Extract is highly beneficial ingredient to use on your skin. Apart from boosting your skin’s immunity and health it helps heal the minor cuts and abrasions on your skin.

At Jovees Herbals we realize and appreciate the power and potency of such a fantastic herb. Adding it as a primary ingredient to our face wash, only boosted it’s efficiency. Jovees Tea Tree face wash is an exceptionally effective and unique blend made with the goodness of nature’s finest herbs along with the marvel and brilliance of technology. Infused with natural ingredients such as Tea tree extract, Lemon extract, Neem extract and Beet Root extract, this herbal skin cleanser, removes all the deep seated impurities leaving your skin clean, clear and glowing. Tea Tree oil, is also known to curb over production of sebum. It helps in opening up your pores by freeing up your skin of bacteria, blackheads, whiteheads and clogged grime, allowing your skin to breathe better, feel and look healthier and reduce acne formations. Now that we know all that we need to about how Tea Tree oil is beneficial for our skin. Let’s also have a look at some other key ingredients in Jovees Tea Tree face wash.

Lemon- The inclusion of lemon in a face wash has a plethora of benefits, which are absolutely mind blowing. We all know lemon has a very high acidic property, that helps improve your skin tone, reduces blemishes, discoloration and pigmentation. It is also known to prevent the premature signs of ageing. But, apart from this, lemons have a unique astringent quality that keeps the pH levels of your skin in check.

Neem- Neem is known to have extraordinarily impressive skin care abilities. Neem leaves have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities, that helps reduce breakouts, rashes and other skin ailments. This wondrous ingredient has anti ageing characteristics, which keeps the formation of new creases at bay. Neem also has quite a hydrating characteristic which helps keeps your face supple, soft and fresh looking.

Beet Root- A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, beet root is a blessing and a skin care favorite. Loaded with vitamin C, beet root helps reduce discoloration and pigmentation, along with working to improve your skin tone. Due to it’s high anti-oxidant qualities, beet root is also known to win the fight against stubborn pimples and rashes. Inclusion of beet root extract in this face wash, makes sure to fight the early signs of ageing, reduce tanning and gives your skin that rosy, healthy glow.

The correct way to use Jovees Tea Tree face wash –

• Moisten your face with water.

• Take a coin sized amount and lather well.

• Massage on your face, for 2 minutes in a circular motion. (Don’t miss your neck) • Rinse your face with water.

• Pat dry with a clean, soft towel. (Do not scrub)

• Moisturize from the vast variety of Jovees Herbals moisturizers.

To summarize it all, the use of Tea Tree as a skin cleanser, is highly effective to achieve that flawless, smooth and texture free skin. It’s anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, assure that your skin is looked after and left feeling pampered, clear and glowing. Remember, money may not grow on trees, but the path to good skin does!

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