To follow any skin care routine, cleansing your face, with the a minimum of two times a day is absolutely non-negotiable! First off, our face encounters a barrage of pollutants and impurities throughout the day, from dirt and oil to makeup residue. Having a proper cleansing routine can help eliminate these unwanted guests, preventing clogged pores and breakouts. Cleansing your face regularly is also extremely essential, to unclog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe better, and to allow better penetration of skin care products. Regular cleansing also promotes a healthy and quick, cell turnover, helping to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion. So, taking a couple of minutes each day to cleanse your face will  let your skin breathe and rejuvenate, making it a no-brainer!

Dealing with a dry skin type can be quite a cumbersome task. Washing your face can make your skin feel stretched and pulled in all directions. And even after slathering on layers and layers of moisturizers your skin can still look like a flaky croissant. Using a gentle, herbal face wash designed for dry skin can be your moisture saving superhero. It can cleanse away all the impurities without stripping away precious natural oils, so your skin won’t feel like the wrong side of the sand paper. Instead, using the correct kind of herbal face wash leaves your skin feeling refreshed, plump, and hydrated. Plus, a hydrating face wash preps your skin to absorb moisturizers and serums better, ensuring they work their magic and leave your face looking as supple and soft as a ripe peach. 

While having a dry skin type may be natural, here are a few things that can aggravate it:

  • Chemical laden skin care products
  • Over exfoliation
  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures

While to there are several ways to infuse hydration back into your skin, here are some of the easiest and the most effective ones-

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink those 8-10 glasses of water a day. It not only helps flush out the toxins, it also improves our skin’s elasticity. 
Eat your colours. No, we do not mean crayons! Eat your fruits and vegetables. Not only do they contain potent antioxidants they also help prevent cellular damage.
It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Our skin repairs and regenerates itself when we sleep. So, hit the snooze, and catch your zzzzz’s.
Limit your smokes, if they aren’t completely avoidable. Tobacco can destroy the collagen and elastin production of your skin, making your skin droop and sag. 
Cut down on your tea and coffee intake. Excessive intake of these can trigger a hormonal imbalance.
Avoid long, hot showers. Blistering hot showers can wash away the essential natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and dull looking. 
Choose natural skin care products over chemical based ones.
We often tend to believe that washing our face often, will dry up our skin faster. Contrary to that general belief, opting for a gentle, herbal face wash may be just the thing you need to infuse hydration and life back into your skin. Let us help you with some of the best face wash options for your dry skin type.

Made with the goodness of natural extracts such as Papaya fruit enzyme, Bilberry fruit extract, Grape leaf extract, Cranberry fruit extract, Watermelon fruit extract and White mulberry fruit extract, this is by far the best face wash to hydrate your dry and dull looking skin. This herbal face wash not only washes off all your days impurities and remnants, it also lightens your pigmentation and blemishes, effectively. Infused with premium quality natural extracts, this is the best face wash to include in your skin care routine, as it replenishes and restores moisture back into your skin leaving it feeling healthy and supple. Using this herbal face wash, on a regular basis will leave your skin looking radiant, luminous and oh, so dewy! 

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Infused with the treasures of nature, such as Strawberry extract, Marigold extract, Jojoba oil, and Rosewater this is the best face wash to infuse hydration and nourishment into your dry and dehydrated-looking skin. This face wash is gentle on the skin, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Made specially for dry and combination skin types, it infuses hydration and nutrients back into your skin, leaving it rejuvenated and revived. The boost of instant and extreme hydration into your skin, prevents and slows the premature signs of aging, making it the best face wash for your dry skin. 

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Loaded with potent and power packed herbal ingredients such as Daisy flower extract, Beet root extract, Green tea leaf extract, Blue cornflower extract, Muskmelon fruit extract, Hibiscus seed extract, Lotus flower extract, Malva flower extract, Lemon balm extract and Passion flower extract, this is the best face wash to fight all your dry skin woes. Specially formulated to add radiance, glow and hydration back into your skin, this botanical blend lightens pigmentation, mitigates stubborn pimples, evens out your skin texture, improves your skin tone and boosts the overall health of your skin, making it the best face wash to aid your skin health.

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Packed with powerful natural herbs and extracts like Grape seed extract, Orange peel extract, Chamomile extract and Aloe vera extract, this is one of the best face wash , and another popular choice to fight all your dry skin worries. This potent blend not only brightens and perks up your skin tone, it also helps promote collagen production, leaving your skin supple and smooth, making it the best face wash to resolve dryness and give you a more youthful looking skin. 

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Armed with the natural goodness and botanical miracles infused in some of the best face wash , today  this skin care guide is the ultimate remedy your parched skin has been yearning for. Wave goodbye to dryness and welcome the refreshing embrace of herbs into your daily routine.