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Men’s Skin Care Routine That Can Be Followed Even With Busy Schedules

Men’s Skin Care Routine That Can Be Followed Even With Busy Schedules

Men need skincare too. Period. Call it being orthodox, backward thinking, or cultural differences, we are ingrained with the traditional mindset that women need to look after their beauty while men are tough, and looking after their skin is not that essential. While men’s skin is undoubtedly tougher and thicker than women, taking care of it, is extremely important too. While having a tougher and thicker skin as compared to women has its pros, it has it’s drawbacks too.

Male skin care is a developing sector that is taking the skin care industry by storm. While there is a huge range of male skin care products available in the market, how does one pick, choose and know which of these are required and which of these are just going to clutter our dressers without making any difference? To know about what skin care products you need, one needs to understand your skin and its needs.

• Thicker skin

Men have higher testosterone levels than women, making their skin thicker than women. Men have almost 25 percent thicker skin than women. Men’s skin also has a higher collagen level, making it appear more taut and firm (Whatever!). However, to balance that bias, men’s skin loses collagen at a more regular rate from a younger age. Whereas, women notice a drop in collagen production, at a later age. This decrease in the collagen level causes the skin to thin.

• PH level

Women have a more acidic skin quality than a man’s. The optimal pH range lies between 4.5 to 5.80. While women have a pH level of 5.4, a slightly higher pH level at about 5.80 can be observed in men.

• Oilier skin type

Men’s skin has bigger pores than women’s, and it produces sebum in higher quantities too. This overproduction of sebum results in clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and stubborn pimples. While on the one hand, excess sebum results in acne-prone and greasy-looking skin, on the upside it keeps the skin hydrated and your skin barrier intact.

Men insist they do not have the time, patience and know-how, to follow an extensive and elaborate skincare routine. Well, hello! Who said having to follow 267 steps, is a must? Sometimes less is more. The key to any good skincare routine lies in consistency. Let’s help you find those few products that will do the trick.

• Step 1: Cleanser

Jovees Men Moisturization 4 in-1 face wash is just the thing you need to start any and every skin care routine. This men’s face wash is made using the best herbs found in nature such as Indian gooseberry extract, White Morus root extract, Margosa leaf extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Mentha leaf extract, Dead sea mud, Seaweeds powder Luffa extract, along with the brilliance of science. This unique 4- in-1 face wash, is an exfoliator, and cleanser, helps in skin rejuvenation and also helps keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Packed with powerful volcanic mineral extracts, this face wash helps purge your skin of all it’s excess sebum, impurities and grime. It helps tighten your pores and keep your skin

clean, clear and hydrated. It’s the perfect male skin care product for men who have erratic and hectic schedules. Its totally hassle-free and the best accompaniment, on the go!

• Step 2: Toner

Jovees Sun Defence Neem Skin Toner is a must, herbal skin care product that works to balance out the pH levels of your skin. Apart from tightening and cleansing the pores, the anti-bacterial qualities of neem protect your skin from sun damage, tanning and sunburns. Neem is also known to have strong anti-fungal properties that also help lighten blemishes, pigmentation and acne marks. Made using nature’s finest treasures like Neem extract, Marigold extract, Cummin seed extract, Curcumin extract, Soya bean extract, Pear fruit juice, Aloe vera extract and Carrot extract, this neem toner is an absolute game changer in your skincare routine.

• Step 3: Moisturizer

This next step is a given. Moisturizing. After freeing up your skin of all it’s impurities and grime, your pores can now help your skin breathe better. Skincare products penetrate deep into your skin and actually make a difference. Jovees Men's Essential Skin Boosting Cream is the perfect product to slather on. This male skin care product is a 7 in 1 face cream that helps reduce blemishes, brightens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Armed with SPF 15 it also protects your skin from sunburns, tanning and harmful effects of the sun. It helps infuse hydration back into your skin, helps repair the injured skin barrier, and helps maintain the pH levels of your skin. Made with Bearberry leaves extract, Ginkgo leaf extract, Karanja oil, Cilantro leaf extract, Kokum butter, Myrrh oil, and Tamanu oil, this potent men’s face cream is packed with powerful anti-bacterial properties, that help ward of dermatitis, and eczema, acne and psoriasis causing germs. The addition of Bearberry extract also helps to improve your skin tone and even out your skin.

• Step 4: Sunscreen

Applying a good strong sunscreen over your CTM routine is an absolute must. Sunscreens are the most effective and efficient way to care for your skin. Prolonged sun exposure is an environmental stressors that can cause skin damage, tanning, sunburn, sun spots and cancer even. Jovees Zinc Sun Shield with SPF 60 is a potent blend of Black tea leaf extract, Krameria root extract, Luffa fruit extract, Balm mint, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Cottonseed oil and Jojoba oil. This quick-absorbing, grease-free formulation is a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion does not clog up your pores and also keeps your skin protected from the blue light of computer screens and phones.

Following this basic Cleansing - Toning - Moisturizing (CTM) routine and topping it off with a strong sunscreen lotion, sets an ultimate and strong foundation for your skincare routine. But let’s include another male skin care product, which when used once to twice a week absolutely boosts your skincare game.

• Exfoliation

Our skin has a turnaround rate of 27-30 days. This means the damaged cells are shed from our skin, leaving us with fresh and healthy ones instead. Due to the larger pores men have, these damaged cells along with the excess sebum, clog up the pores. Exfoliating regularly helps open up these clogged pores allowing better penetration of skin care products and making your skin more breathable too. Jovees

Activated Charcoal Face Scrub is infused with Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Bilberry leaf, Sugar Cane, Orange fruit extract, Lemon Fruit extract, Sugar maple extract, Cilantro leaf extract, Curcuma extract, Olive oil, Jojoba oil and Walnut oil, which helps leech out all the impurities, toxins and bacteria from your skin. Using this once a week will exfoliate the dead, flaking skin cells and leave your skin looking fresher and healthier.

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