Looking good isn't just for your vanity, it's for your sanity, mental health and confidence, as well! That's exactly why having a daily skincare routine is so essential. Let's face it, our skin takes a beating on a  daily basis, from pollution to sun exposure, from stress to late-night Netflix binges. But fear not, a  simple daily routine can do wonders for your skin and your overall well-being. It's like giving your skin a  daily dose of vitamins, but instead of swallowing a pill, you're applying it to your face. Plus, who does not love the feeling of fresh, clean skin? It's like a mini facial every day. And let's be real, taking care of your skin is just way easier than trying to hide a zit or a blemish with makeup. So let’s embrace a daily skincare routine and give our skin the pampering it truly deserves. 

Natural skin care products vs chemical based products  

When it comes to taking care of your skin, using natural products is always the way to go. Why? Well,  for one, natural products won’t make you feel like you are putting chemicals on your skin. I mean, who wants to feel like they’re slathering themselves in a science experiment? 

Chemical-based products might seem exciting at first, as they are known to provide quick responses. But,  this quick action is just a temporary fix, like a band-aid. It does not target deep-rooted skin problems. Natural products, on the other hand, might not seem to be as exciting or fast working but they go in deep to repair the skin issues from the root.  

Now that we have realized the importance of using natural skin care products, how does one go about creating an effective and efficient natural skincare routine? Choosing a skincare routine can seem overwhelming to some with the variety of products and steps available. Here are some tips to help you  pick and choose a skincare routine: 

• Determine your skin type. 

• Identify your skin concerns and requirements. 

• Start simple.  

• Look for ingredients that suit your skin needs. 

• Be consistent. 

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Here are a few basic steps to help you build an effective and healthy natural skincare routine. 

Cleansing- Think of your skin as a canvas. You wouldn't start painting without first cleaning the canvas,  right? The same goes for your natural skincare routine. Cleansing your skin is extremely essential to remove dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities that can jam up your pores, leading to breakouts. Plus, to establish an efficient natural skincare routine you are going to be layering on serums, creams and moisturizers. And, for them to actually work, you want them to penetrate your skin and work their magic, don't you? So, don't skimp on the cleansing step. Your skin will thank you with a fresh-faced glow that even JLo would envy. 

Our recommendation: Jovees Papaya Face WashJovees Tea Tree Face Wash

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Toning- Using a natural face toner, after cleansing your face is an extremely important step in establishing an effective natural skincare routine. Not only does it help remove any remnants of dirt, makeup or impurities from your skin, but it also helps balance your skin's pH level and prepares it to absorb any serums, creams and moisturizers you plan on slathering on next. Think of it as a warm-up for your skin, getting it all revved up and ready for the big skincare giants about to follow. So, don't skip the toner, trust me, your skin deserves the VIP treatment. 

Our recommendation: Jovees Cucumber Skin TonerJovees Green Tea Toner

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Moisturizing- Our skin needs hydration just like our bodies need water and moisturizers provide that much-needed moisture to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Using a good herbal moisturizer in your daily natural skincare routine can help reverse dry and dehydrated-looking skin. Regular moisturizing can also reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, crinkles and fine lines. Moisturizers also give your skin that instantaneous glow. So, don’t forget to moisturize your skin, it will thank you.  

Our recommendation: Jovees Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion, Jovees White Water Lily Moisturizing Lotion 

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Exfoliate- Our skin naturally sheds dead surface skin cells, but sometimes it needs a little extra help to slough off the buildup and reveal the fresh, glowing skin underneath. Using a natural exfoliator at least once a week helps unclog your pores, removes dead skin cells, and leaves your skin looking smoother and brighter. Plus, it also allows your serums and moisturizers to penetrate better. So, don't skip the exfoliating step in your natural skincare routine. 

Our recommendation: Jovees Papaya and Honey Face ScrubJovees Apricot and Almond Face Scrub 


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Vitamin C- Including a Vitamin C serum in your daily natural skincare routine is like a power-up for your skin, it’s the secret weapon that can help take your skin to the next level. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals, prevents skin deterioration and aids healthy skin. It helps brighten your complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  Vitamin C serum also boosts collagen production, keeping your skin looking firm and youthful. So, if you want to give your skin a little extra love, add a vitamin C serum to your routine. 

Our recommendation: Jovees Revita Vitamin C Serum 


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Sunscreen- Making sunscreen an integral part of your natural skincare routine can be the ultimate protection you can give your skin. It shields your skin against the harmful influence of the sun's rays.  Ultra Violet rays can cause all sorts of damage to your skin, including sunburn, premature ageing and even skin cancer. Sunscreen forms a protective barrier that protects your skin from these harmful rays,  preventing damage and keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy. Plus, it's the easiest anti-ageing step you can take. Just a dollop of sunscreen each day can help avert wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of ageing.  

Our recommendation: Jovees Sunscreen Serum SPF 65Jovees Herbal Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++


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Night cream- Just like how a good night’s sleep is crucial for your body to recharge, a night cream is essential for your skin to rejuvenate and revive itself, while you snooze. While you’re catching some Z’s,  your skin is hard at work repairing itself from the day’s wear and tear. Adding a good night cream to your natural skincare routine helps accelerate this process, by providing the hydration and nutrients your skin 

needs to wake up looking refreshed and glowing. So slather on that night cream, and let your skin do its thing! 

Our recommendation: Jovees Premium Night Firming Cream, Jovees Green Tea Anti Ageing Night Cream


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Following these basic steps is all the pampering and love your skin needs to revive itself to its former and former glory.